Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goodbye, Disney. Forever.

It is with great sadness...

Alright, I'm just messing about.  I'm not really saying goodbye to Disney forever.  How crazy would I have to be?!

This blog, however, is saying goodbye to posts about Disneyland.  

I've been doing some research on blogging lately, and reading quite a bit about multi-blogging (maintaining several of these bad boys at once).  It just seems as though my efforts would be best served by maintaining some semblance of focus.  Since this blog deals quite substantially with family matters, my occasional outbursts of tomfoolery no doubt lend it a sort of imbalance.  At least, that's what I think.  Maybe nobody else cares.

But at any rate, I've decided to take my talents (at least those I associate with Disney) elsewhere.

In a collaborative effort with my wife (genius writer and proofreader that she is), Mark Treiger, and whoever else I can manage to talk into it, as of later today we'll be officially opening our own Disney blog -- 

Restaurants, Restrooms, and Rides, Oh My!:  Days In The Park  

Contrary to what some might believe (myself included), I know (because I've talked to you guys) that there are people reading my blog.  And they do like the Disney stuff.  You might not show up in my Followers, and you might not comment here, but your voices have been heard.  Rise up, my people!  Follow us over to our Disney blog!  And on the way stop by the Enchanted Tiki Room for a Pineapple Whip.  I hear they're scrumptious!



  1. I love this one -- so much of my husband's silly sens of humor. And on our next Disney date, a Pineapple Whip is a must!!

  2. I totally would read the Disney Blog! It will give me great insight on where things are and what I should do next time our family goes!! Yipee!!

    I have never heard of a Pinapple Whip! You guys enjoy it and take a picture for me!! :)

  3. Ok. I'm gonna check you out. I'm all set to be impressed. Fill me in on all that great Disneyland stuff.